Whatever you are, be good one /A.Lincoln/


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Music 4 inspiration

  • Keith Jarrett Ķelnes koncerts (The Koln Concert) with closed eyes or open in the mornings or nights - this music heals me, chases away again and again;
  • Budist compasion mantra by Ani Choying Drolma - Namo Ratna Traya;
  • Deva Premal Gayatri Mantra gives me back the joy of living. And it was a great pleassure to sing the mantras together with her and hundreds of other people in her concerts. The sound vibrates, heals and strengthens;
  • Arturs Maskats Tango and unforgettable National Ballet of Latvia with horeography of K.Pastora and dancers: J.Gurvica, M.Demjanoka, V.Jansone, A.Avečkins, S.Neiksins, R.Martinovs inspires to work and not only.
I hope to share few more in the future.